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  • How to Anti-mold-proof wooden furniture?
    Most types of furniture before being finished products go through a drying process, so they will have high hygroscopicity. In areas with high humidity, it will cause blistering on the wood surface, leading to the occurrence of mold or termites. Besides, with the low humidity climate, the wood will be prone to cracking. To preserve wood furniture well, you should put them in a dry place, you can use a desiccant bag to maintain the humidity in the air about 50%. Calcium chloride desiccant powder researched, applied and manufactured by Quang Nghi Company with the main ingredient of Calcium Chloride powder and special skin additives has superior moisture absorption ability compared to traditional popular hygroscopic products. variables on the market today such as Silica gel, Clay. The ability to absorb moisture will increase to 150% - 250% of its own weight. While the most commonly used desiccant on the market today is Clay (clay) or Silica gel usually only up to a maximum of 35% of its weight.
  • How does mold affect human health?
    When it comes to food poisoning and food-borne diseases, people often think only of the toxins in food and the role of pathogenic bacteria, with little mention of molds and their toxins. The fact that the diseases caused by mycotoxins are not small. Currently, science has proven that if we eat food contaminated with mold, we can also get dangerous diseases. The disease can occur in the form of acute poisoning, but most often it is chronic poisoning due to the gradual accumulation of small amounts of mycotoxins in the body. It is estimated that approximately 40% of the known species of mold can produce toxins, which are different but more or less dangerous to human health. Mycotoxins are all toxic, their toxicity levels are also different, so when they enter the body, they cause different diseases. With less toxic types or a small dose of mycotoxins that cause only mild poisoning, patients experience vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, etc., the mycotoxins accumulate gradually in the body for a long time, leading to dangerous diseases. such as: liver cancer due to aflatoxin, kidney failure due to ochratoxin, ovarian cancer due to fumonisins...
  • What is humidity, desiccant? Uses of desiccant.
    1. What is moisture? The moisture is a physical quantity determining the volume of steam calculated by grams in the volume unit or also said it is the amount of steam in the air. For humans, the higher the moisture will lead to the less effective body cooling, so that in the high humidity weather conditions make us feel uncomfortable. For products, the higher the moisture content affects the quality as well as preserving the product. 2. What is desiccant? Desiccants are substances and compounds such as: Silicagel, Activing Mineral (Clay), Calcium Choride, Caaxi Oxide, Calcium Sunfate ..., used to maintain low humidity by sucking the moisture content in the air. These substances are often applied in preserving products, transportation, moisture against moisture ... 3. Effects of desiccant Desiccant is found in products such as vials, food packages, garment industry and in electronic production. Because desiccant has a substance that absorbs and keeps water steam holding products that are not damaged by moisture. In electronic products, it helps prevent steam condensation, which can damage these products. If in a vial of vitamins contains moisture and is quickly cooled, the accumulation of moisture will damage the pills. The desiccant package is found in all things affected by high humidity environment or steam condensation. Silica gel absorbs moisture thanks to the capillary phenomenon in millions of tiny hollow compartments, steam is sucked and attaches to the hollow inside the particles. Silica gel absorbs moisture thanks to the capillary phenomenon in millions of tiny hollow compartments, steam is sucked and attaches to the hollow inside the particles. To indicate the moisture absorption status of Silica Gel, we add some color indicators. When it is dry, it is orange. when starting to get moisture, it gradually turns light blue, finally dark green. The desiccant is almost harmless, which is why you find it in food products.

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